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High impact foam anti fatigue mats. The perfect solution to suffering from aches and pains when standing for long periods on hard surfaces.

Anti fatigue mats are perfect for the workplace and home. Place a mat in front of your wash basin/cooker to reduce pain suffered when preparing meals and washing up. If your job involves standing in one place for long periods, these mats are perfect to help reduce pain levels while at work

Impact foam helps provide cushioning to absorb shock which causes your legs to become sore.
Anti fatigue mats help to radically reduce strain and stress on feet, knees, joints and legs. When standing for long periods, especially on hard surfaces your body will begin to ache. By simply replacing your standing surface with these anti fatigue mats the pain level will reduce substantially.

High quality faux leather surface that can be wiped clean. Each mat has a non slip backing to help avoid any movement on the mat while standing. We also provide a 2 mat pack option to provide a saving when purchasing 2 mats.

Approx Dimensions: L76 X W46 X D 1.85cm

Each mat approx 480g