Autoglym Car Polishing Wax Perfect Palm Sponge Applicator

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The Autoglym Perfect Palm Applicator has been specially designed for precise application of all polishes and dressings, its point and straight edges avoid product spreading onto unwanted areas. The flat surface is flexible enough to bend over edges, whilst the pointed end allows easy access into corners.

The applicator pad gives maximum comfort and control when applying polishes and dressings from the Autoglym range. This blue Perfect Palm Microfiber Applicator is ideal for use on glass, rubber and vinyl. 

Autoglym have released this innovative bit of kit called the Perfect Palm Applicator, which ensures you only use the amount of product you require, cutting unnecessary waste and saving money.

The hand-shaped device uses a grip system that clings to your fingers and is said to fit 95% of the worlds population. This means you dont have to hold on to it, leaving you to exert all your effort on cleaning, rather than gripping a cloth. It is suitable for both left and right-handed use.