Hyfive Cordless Air Compressor Tyre Inflator

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Its really easy to forget to check the pressure in your tyres - its one of those little tasks that you know you should do regularly but never seem to get around to. However, driving around with over- or under-inflated tyres has a lot of consequences: If your tyres are under inflated they will have uneven contact with the road, causing the outside edges to become worn down and leaving you at risk of having an accident as you will have far less control. Underinflated tyres also make your car less fuel efficient, costing you a lot of unnecessary petrol money. If your tyres are overinflated, then your car wont be able to brake properly - a very risky situation!

Tyre pressure should be checked every couple of weeks. Getting to a garage takes up a lot of valuable time from your day. It can also add up, as most garages now charge for air.
Using this cordless tyre inflator you can ensure your tyres are at the correct pressure effortlessly. Can be used for car tyres, bicycle tyres, balls, inflatable toys and airbeds.
This battery powered, handheld tyre inflator is simple to use attach to your cars tyre valve and you can find out your tyre pressure in seconds. Comes with a pneumatic hose to make it simple to reach the tyre valve.