Silly Billyz Messy Eater Towel Toddler Bib (Cerise/Aqua) Snuggleneck

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Silly Billyz is an internationally recognized brand available in most countries throughout the world.

Super long at the front so when your children sits down the bib totally covers their lap - either at the table or in the highchair.

Size: 1 - 3 years

All Silly Billyz products are lead free, PVC free and Formaldehyde safe.


Ultra Absorbant

Fleece Front / Nylon Back

Rip Proof

Machine Wash / Tumble Dry


Dome snap fastening 
Extra ties - to hold the bib around the waist 
Reversible if necessary

Fabric Content: Front Fleece: 100% polyester Water Resistant Nylon

Sleeve: 100% nylon

Colours and Designs may vary from images shown.