Hyfive Electronic Safebox

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  • STRONG & SECURE: The safe box is made of reinforced solid steel wall construction. Dual security steel door locking bolts & a corrosion & stain-resistant powder coat finish keeps the drop box safe.
  • EASY TO ACCESS: The safe document box gives you easy personal access to your valuables with the mechanical override function. The safe lock box includes two keys for manual access.
  • High Security Electronic Coded Lock With Any Combination Of 3 to 8 Numbers. Provides Millions Of Number Combination Possibilities To Make Lock Numbers Extremely Hard To Bypass Without The Correct Code. Batteries included to operate keypad.
  • PROTECT YOUR ASSETS: The safe box is perfect for protecting guns, documents, jewelery, etc. Great for home, office or business use.
  • External Size H 170mm x W 230mm x D 170mm - AA Batteries Included Free Of Charge To Operate Safe Lock Keypad. Anchor Fixings Also Included To Secure Your Safe To The Floor Or Wall.