1.6L Oil Extractor Pump

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Oil Extraction Pump Perfect For Do It Yourself Car Servicing. Extracts Oil Through Vehicle Dipstick Tube For A Fast And Clean Oil Change. Also Perfect For Lawnmowers, Motorbikes And Much More.

Remarkably Easy To Use, Simply Pump The Extractor Pump Plunger By Hand To Create A Flow Of Liquid From The Source To Your Extractor Pump Tank.

Compact 1.6L Tank To Hold Extracted Liquid Cleanly And Securely.

Useful For Transferring Many Different Types Of Liquids, Petrol, Diesel, Oil, Coolant etc From One Place To Another Via 1.6L Capacity Tank.

Extraction Pump Includes 2 Clear Transfer Tubes To Carry Oil From Vehicle To Tank. 8mmx1m Tube Included Alongside A Long Reach 10mmx1.3m Tube.