10 LED Motion Sensor Light

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The instant this advanced Motion Activated Security Light senses anything passing within a 3 metre / 10 foot radius of its sensors, it throws out a powerful beam of white light.

The light stays on as long as there is a presence in the beam, but automatically switches off 20-30 seconds after movement ceases.

Light has on and auto switch, on auto the light will turn on in darkness and when there is motion. On mode will turn the light constantly on.

The light runs on three AA batteries (not included) and its 10 bright LEDs.

The lights base rotates 360 degrees, whilst the light itself pivots independently to ensure an accurate direction of light.

Ideal for dingy areas inside your home.

Mounting bracket and fixings included, so theres no need to call an electrician - simply fix it yourself.

Built in daylight sensor ensures the light will only operate in darkness.

4.5V / 0.8W / 60 Lumens

CE Approved

RoHS Compliant