EN131-6 Telescopic Ladder 3.2m Soft Close With Stabiliser Bar Exceptional Quality Patented Design

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A unique extendable 3.2m Telescopic Ladder, with folding stabilizer bar, anti-slip rubber feet and folding rubber stand offs, combines high levels of safety with compact storage unrivalled by others. Intelligent locking pins hold the rungs in place when in use and the new patented soft close mechanism ensures that each rung retracts safely protecting your fingers when closing. With the press of a button the ladder closes effortlessly. Its sturdy durable design complies to EN131-6 meaning it has a 150kg weight capacity.

Its lightweight design complete with a heavy duty securing strap and hand grip, allows you to manoeuvre and transport the ladder with ease. At only 90cm in its closed state, this space-saving ladder easily fits into all types of car boots and is a great storage solution for houses with limited space. Versatile and convenient this Telescopic Ladder is perfect for all of your high reach needs and can be used both indoors and outdoors

 DOUBLE SECURITY | Unique folding stabilizer bar with rubber anti-slip feet improves the safety and stability of the ladder. The folding rubber stand offs grip to the wall adding further stability, and help to reduce the risk of accidents. Both the stabilizer bar and stand offs fold back into their original position for compact storage.

SOFT CLOSE | No more pinched fingers! The patented soft close mechanism ensures that each section closes slowly and safely. Smart locking pins hold each sections in place, simply slide the release buttons and let the ladder do the rest

DESIGNED FOR DURABILITY | With its strong and durable aluminium construction, this ladder boasts a 150kg weight capacity and meets the European Safety Standard EN131-6

PORTABLE & EASY TO STORE | With its folding stabilizer bars and wall stand offs, this telescopic ladder offers storage like no other. Collapsing to just 90cm, it can be easily transported in car boots of all sizes and stored away in compact areas. Its Lightweight Aluminium body has a built in hand grip and securing strap, allowing the ladder to be moved with ease.

VERSATILE & CONVENIENT | This Multipurpose Telescopic Extendable Ladder 3.2m is perfect for all of your indoor and outdoor jobs, such as replacing light bulbs, cleaning windows and gutters, loft or roof works, painting & decorating, garden work and much more.