Autosmart Evo + Fast and Flexible Compound - 1 Litre

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Evo + Fast and Flexible Compound

 A fast and flexible compound that quickly removes scratches and leaves a high gloss finish. Next generation formulation is designed to offer maximum performance over a wide range of paint types and conditions. Perfect for 1 step paint renovation, 1K paintwork and detailing applications.

  • Diminishing abrasive cuts for fast cutting action and high gloss finish
  • Fast glide technology reduces heat and holograms
  • Low dust
  • Free from silicone and fillers

 Silicone Free

 1 Litre


Shake bottle. Apply using an orbital or rotary polisher, gradually increasing speed to a maximum of 2000rpm. Work surface until the desired finish has been achieved and product becomes clear. Polish to a deep gloss finish using a soft black foam pad. Finish by wiping over surface with a microfibre cloth.