Farecla G3 Regular Grade Paste Compound - 400g

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G3 Compound now offers more cut and a higher gloss finish than ever before.
For sheer all-round performance on paintwork defects.
Use with water.

For best results by machine follow these recommended steps:
-Soak Advanced G Mop Compounding Foam in clean water.
-Squeeze excess water from foam and fit to a polishing machine.
-Spin off excess water until there is no over-spray from the foam.
-Apply a small amount of advanced G3 Liquid to the paint surface (about the same
size as the flip top on the bottle).
-Spread compound onto the panel with foam before starting the machine
(reduces splatter).
-Begin compounding with a running speed of 1500-1800rpm. Buff until marks have
been removed.
-Keep the G Mop damp by spraying minimal amounts of clean water from a Farécla
water spray bottle. Add more Advanced G3 Liquid Compound if necessary to completely
remove the marks.

You will receive 400g