Hyfive Jiggle Self Priming Syphon Pump

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Self Priming 1/2inch Siphon Hose Pump

Ideal for dispensing fuel oils, non-corrosive liquids and adhesives from barrels, tanks and oil drums.

6ft Long hose

Transfer any kind of liquid from one source to another, transfer petrol from or to cars, motorbikes, trucks, boats, lawnmowers etc

Also great to use to drain water pools, fish tanks, sinks, ponds etc.

No longer do you need to get a mouthful of nasty fuel.

Anti static, non spark copper pump with ethanol resistant pipe.

Transfers approx 3 gallons of liquid per minute!

Place the brass nozzle with bead into the fluid container.

Start the flow of liquid by jiggling the nozzle up and down at a rate of 1 per second.

Once the flow has started make sure the brass head touches the bottom of the container.