Hyfive Key Safe Box Wall Mounted

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Perfect for Securely Storing Keys Outside Your Home. Extremely durable key safe box with wall mounting fitting kit included.

Screw key safe directly onto your external wall, wall plugs and screws included.

Number combination code lock, set your combination from any of the 10 numbers. Combination can be any number but must be a minimum of 3 numbers. The number combination can be entered in any order.

Great Way To Store Keys For Home Help, Carers, Nurses, Family Etc Perfect nurse key safe to securely store keys outside your home for nurses and home carers to use to gain access without the hassle of making elderly and disabled people open the door each time access is required.
Store keys outside securely to allow for emergency access in the event access is required and the door is locked.

Push button number combination lock allows for rapid entry in the event of an emergency.

Secure way to store keys for neighbours and family to gain access while on holiday. Rubber Weatherproof Cover Included

Rubber Weatherproof Cover Included


External Size: 105x65x55mm

Internal Size: 70x40x25mm