Polystyrene Foam Balls - Make Your Own Solar System Craft Pack

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Solid Polystyrene Foam Balls, Great For Sweet Tree And Cake Decoration

Package Contains Polystyrene Balls To Create Your Very Own Solar System! Learn And Have Fun With Polystyrene Balls

Each Package Contains 10 Polystyrene Balls To Represent Each Planet 1 x 100 mm (Sun) 1 x 80 mm (Jupiter) 1 x 70 mm (Saturn) 2 x 60 mm ( Uranus, Neptune) 3 x 40 mm (Venus, Earth, Mars) 1 x 30 mm (Mercury) 1 x 20 mm (Pluto)

Useful for all kinds of arts and craft, these polystyrene balls are solid and high quality.

Let your imagination run wild and create anything with our polystyrene balls!

We stock tens of thousands of each size, if you require a large order please contact us for a tailored super discounted quote to match your exact requirements.

The measurement is taken using the diameter.