Rotary Clothes Hanging Rack Laundry Drying Stand

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Conserve energy and reduce your utility bill with this Rotating Garment Rack. Perfect for caravans, holiday homes, student dorms and small residences that lack sufficient space. Holding a large load of laundry to dry within a compact space. It is easy to fold away quickly when not in use for convenient space saving storage.

The rack has 4 tiers and provides two ways to hang items. The top tier includes 24 pegs to clip on small items like socks, underwear, clothes, baby clothes, bibs etc. There are 3 wing attachments for hanging clothes to dry on hangers. These can be placed at any level to accommodate longer items like dresses or trousers. 

It is also useful to keeps all your ironing tidy and in one place until ready to put straight away from hanger. It provides sufficient space, reducing wrinkles and avoids you from hanging clothes on tops of doors and handles. 
  • Precision balanced tripod design ensures stability.
  • Impact-resistant ABS plastic and stainless steel
  • Lightweight portability and superb tensile strength.