Sand Paper Sheets (280mm x 230mm) Range Of Grit 60-240 (5 Single Sheets)

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(5 Single Sheets With Each Order)


Specialist professional sandpaper range consists of the most popular grits used in the painting and decorating trade. Each sand paper sheet is 280mm x 230mm in size with a super strong backing paper weight of 120gm for extra strength and durability.

Our Specialist sandpaper sheets are defined by their grit grade. We stock 5 different sandpaper grits to cater for all requirements. 60 grit sandpaper, 80 grit sandpaper, 120 grit sandpaper, 180 grit sandpaper, 240 grit sandpaper. The best grit for the job in hand depends on the material being sanded and the type of finish required. Below is some guidance to help you choose the correct sandpaper for your task:

Grit 240 & 180 is classed as a fine grit sandpaper. Fine grits are for sanding in-between coats to remove surface debris. Also great for removing rust spots on chrome work.

Grit 120 is classed as a medium grit sandpaper. Great for smoothing raised wood grain and primed wood. Also good for cleaning cooper pipe and BBQ grills.

Grit 80 & 60 is classed as a coarse sandpaper. Perfect for removing old paintwork and varnish. These course sandsheets are also suitable for removing stubborn rust.

All our sandpaper sheets are red grit for a wide range of job applications. Ideal for sanding wood, metal, plaster, plastics and fibreglass.

From the dropdown menu above please choose the sand paper grit you require.