Screw Extractor Set 8pc 4mm-24mm

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8pc Screw Extractor Set

You can now easily remove the most stubborn hard to remove screws with our compact 8pc Screw Extractor Set.

Simply insert the extractor into a pre-drilled hole in the damaged screw or bolt. Then turn the extractor anti-clockwise using a tap wrench or spanner to gently remove the damaged screw or bolt.

Great for extracting damaged screws, studs or sheared -off bolts.

Made from high quality Carbon Steel for long lasting performance.

Supplied in a convenient plastic storage case.

Set includes:
- Extractor 1: Diameter 4mm – Size of screw/stud 3-6mm
- Extractor 2: Diameter 4.5mm – Size of screw/stud 6-8mm
- Extractor 3: Diameter 6.4mm – Size of screw/stud 8-11mm
- Extractor 4: Diameter 7.6mm – Size of screw/stud 11-14mm
- Extractor 5: Diameter 11mm – Size of screw/stud 14-18mm
- Extractor 6: Diameter 15mm – Size of screw/stud 18-20mm
- Extractor 7: Diameter 19mm – Size of screw/stud 20-22mm
- Extractor 8: Diameter 24mm – Size of screw/stud 22-26mm

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