Splash About Baby Size Adjustable Swimming Under Nappy for the Happy Nappy

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Size Adjustable Swimming Under Nappy for underneath the Happy Nappy

Splash About Size Adjustable Swimming Under Nappy specifically designed to wear underneath the Happy Nappy to provide an extra layer of leak protection and conform to the Swim School Double Layer Nappy System.

Made from super soft Polyester and featuring a waterproof layer this under nappy can be size adjusted using the multiple poppers on the product and can last up to 1 year! This reusable under nappy is better for the environment as the nappy can be reused time and time again also costing you less!

How to adjust the size on the under nappy?

The size of the adjustable nappy can be adjusted to fit babies of all sizes.

To adjust the waistband size simple attach the row of popper on the front to the popper on the back of the nappy. This can be adjusted both sides to fit snugly around the waist.

To avoid a baggy gusset, you can shorten the nappy by attaching the top row of popper on the bottom of the nappy to the bottom row of poppers.

As your child grows these poppers can be released and adjusted to the loosest attachment on the waist.


  • Specifically designed to fit perfectly underneath the Happy Nappy to provide tripe-layer protection
  • Recommended by Swim School as part of the Double-Layer Nappy System
  • Great alternative to disposable swim nappies as designed to fit for up to 1 Year
  • Waterproof Polyester layer means extra protection underneath the Happy Nappy.
  • Great value for money
  • Machine Washable fabric to easily clean up any leaks