Syphon Pump Fuel Oil Transfer Hose

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This deluxe siphon pump is a must for any garage to remove fuel from cars, dealers to remove excess fuel in other cars aswell as removing gearbox and ATF fluids from boxes.

It is also suitable for draining engines like smart cars with no sump plugs and for marine use.

Many fuels can be extracted with this siphon pump such as Petrol, Diesel, Kerosine, Bio Diesel, Vegetable Oil, Water, Coolant and much more!

The fuel transfer pump is made from oil and acid resistant plastic to enable petrol transfer.

It can also be used as a pump to inflate tyres and air beds etc. With adapters included.

The complete kit contains:
1. Deluxe Siphon Pump
2. Liquid Intake Hose
3. Liquid Discharge Hose
4. Air Pressure Hose
5. 2 Hose Connectors
6. Dipstick Tube
7. Converter Piece

The tube is approximately 130cm long and 0/D _mm, I/D _mm.
The two red syphon tubes are approximately 130cm long and I/D _mm, O/D _mm.


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