Timer Plug Socket UK 3 Pack 24 Hour Plug-in Energy Saver

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SAVE ENGERY, SAVE MONEY | Timer Switches are a fantastic home accessory to help you save money off electricity costs! Set a scheduled period of time for devices and appliances to be on. Allowing you to relax and not have to worry about forgetting to turn everything off. This add on will do that for you. Eliminating standby power loss and reduce utility costs.

HOME SECURITY | It can also double as a home security feature. When you are going to be out or away on holiday, it can make it appear as if someone is in the house and deter intruders.

EASY TO USE | Simply, turn the dial to set it to the correct time. Then click in, the 15 minute intervals to select time you want devices to be turned on and off. Complete, easy to follow, instructions included.

PROGRAM YOUR HOME | This pack of 3 timer sockets, will allow you to automate your home for a small cost and without the technical glitches of digital of smart plugs.

WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS | Perfect for controlling lights, heaters, child’s nightlight, christmas decorations, A/C, fans, humidifiers, nebulizers, router, phone, washing machine, tumble dryer etc.