Weight Bench Adjustable Dumbbell Bench For Home Gym Workout (02 Type)

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Upgrade your workout with our high-quality Weight Bench! Pair with our fantastic dumbbells range for the perfect upper body workout.

A good bench is a gym essential, and this bench is the ideal adjustable bench if you’re looking for affordability and versatility. Ideal for anyone wanting to improve fitness. Great from home gym, personal training, satellite classes, or professional gyms. 

The adjustable levels allow you to target your body from different angles. Ideal for back supported exercises like bench press, and chest flys, chest supported exercises like rows, and even leg supported exercises like split squats and more.

Highly rated to 400kg it’s designed to support you under load in both flat and incline positions. This heavy-duty, bench features a three-post design, allowing for more comfortable feet and leg placement when performing the bench press. The grippy back pad and secure feet give that added rigidity allowing you to confidently get those reps in. Also is comfortably covered with soft, but grippy high-density foam for a comfortable exercising experience.

Product Specification:

  • Assembly size: 123cm x 74cm x 46cm
  • Tube Thickness: 1.5mm
  • Main Tube Size: 50mm x70mm
  • Iron Plate Thickness: 5mm
  • Material: Steel tubing + Foam
  • Product Colour: Black
  • Max Load: 400kg