Whiskey Stones 9pc

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9pc Whisky Stones

Complete with a velvet style pull-string storage pouch

Packaged in a smart gift box making them an ideal gift for the refined connoisseur of spirits.

Chill your liquor without diluting it! Unlike ice, these sipping stones are non-porous and thus odourless and tasteless

Each stone has rounded edges, preventing glass scratching

Can be washed & reused

Material: Granite
Approx Size: 2x2x2cm cubed

How To Use:
Clean your stones under water (rinse thoroughly before first use)
Stock in freezer for 4 hours plus
Serve 3 stones per drink (liquid height no more than one stone)
Let stand for five minutes

Caution:Rinse and air stones after every use

Store stones in freezer for next time

Do not chew or ingest

Not suitable for children