Wheel Clamp Universal Car Lock With 2 Keys

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Heavy duty wheel clamped

Very simple to use and is a simple, cheap and effective way to secure your vehicles.

It is designed to secure and deter your vehicle or trailer from thieves. The yellow and red paint finish highly visible to deter would be thieves. When this clamp is applied it is not possible for the wheel to turn meaning your vehicle cannot be moved.

The clamp is manufactured from steel with a weather resistant finish to help protect the clamp against the elements. Its jaws are soft coated to avoid scratching valuable alloys and rims.

Designed to fit wheels from 7 to 11 inches wide (175mm to 275mm) Vast majority of cars have wheels within this size range. Also perfect to use to secure your caravan, trailer, boat trailer, mobile chip vans, motorbikes, scooters, lawn mowers etc

2 keys are supplied with each clamp.