Spin Mop And Bucket Set With 2 Super Absorbent Microfiber Mop Heads

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Spin Mop & Bucket Set 

Fantastic Spinning Mop & Bucket.
For more efficient and easy floor cleaning! Ideal set for use on wooden floors, vinyls, laminates, tiled surfaces etc?

360 Degree Rotating Head. 

Bucket includes a rinse spin feature. Simply push down mop into the spinning mechanism, it spins the dirt out, making cleaning easier and drying quicker! No foot operation required to utilise rinse action.

Supplied With 2 Mircofibre Mop Heads. 
Manufactured from quality mircofiber, that is durable, super absorbent, head catches dust, hair and dirt tightly. This material will not scratch surfaces, and it removes tough dirt and grime, leaving no streaks behind!

Lightweight Stainless Steel Handle
Is easy to use and is adjustable to 45°, 90°, or 180° degrees, providing comfort and control while allowing you to clean all those hard to reach areas!

Convenient Sized Bucket Fitted With Castor WheelsFor ease of use and transportation. The wheels allow you to easily move bucket around with you when mopping. It is also a great size for general household cleaning and neat storage. Size L40cm x W22cm x H23cm