Hyfive Outdoor Half Step Elderly Step Aid

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This hardwearing weather resistant indoor or outdoor half step for elderly / disabled is a useful independent living aid. This step is essential for those struggling with a disability, poor mobility and the elderly as it allows much easier navigation of tricky door steps when entering and exiting the home. It can also be used within the home if you should need to reach to a slightly higher shelf without having to stand on tall chairs or wobbling step ladders, the extra 9cm of this step may be just what you need.

Enables you to take smaller steps and enter your home safely whilst you stay steady and supported

This outdoor step platform supports a user weight up to 100kg (15.7 stone). It also has a dimpled pattern all over the stepping area to ensure this is no slipping even during a wet day. Most importantly, the step feels stable and secure beneath the feet, giving the user and their family added security and peace of mind.

The large surface area measures approx. 45cm wide x 35.7cm deep

Approx. Height: 9cm (approx half the height of a traditional door step)

Often medical professionals may recommend simple aids like this half step for disabled or less able bodied people so why not Invest in this simple invention today and make life that little bit easier for you or your loved ones!