Hyfive Premium BBQ Grill Mats - 2 Pack

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Love BBQs but hate the cleaning up afterwards? Make life easy for yourself and dont compromise on that great BBQ flavour with these ingenious Barbecue Grill Mats!These mats can be placed directly on the grill surface and food can be placed directly on the mat but you will still get those fabulous grill marks. Once youve enjoyed your BBQ the mats can then be cleaned easily with hot soapy water. They are also dishwasher safe.

Suitable for use with all kinds of food! Chicken, ribs, steak, burgers, fish, kebabs, fish, bacon, pulled pork, eggs, corn, onions and other vegetables. Why not cook a full breakfast on your BBQ?!

Manufactured from a durable food-grade heat resistant PTFE coated fibreglass fabric.This non-stick PTFE coating on the grill mat allows you to cook without fats or oils for a much healthier diet! It can also be used as an Oven Liner to help to keep your oven and baking trays clean.

Includes 2 mats. Each mat measures approx. 400mm x 330mm.