Rockin Colour Decorative Garden Stones 15KG

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RockinColour™ is a colour coated stone, ideal for decorative features, plant pot topping and as a colourful background when laid among plants.

From decorative landscaping and surface finishing to product development it can be used to bring a serious amount of colour and texture to any project.

Various colours are available: 

  • Midnight Black - the cool dark exterior produces an eloquent, sleek appearance.
  • Chilli Red - this colour will heat up any garden, creates a striking look.
  • Irish Emerald Green - a beautiful deep lush green, the rich texture will enhance landscapes.
  • Azure Blue - cool and fun this colour produces a dramatic effect, for faux river or water feature.
  • Lime Time - creates a refreshing tropical look, that will lift your mood.
  • Oak Gold - colour that when the sun hits it creates a golden shimmer in your garden.
  • Hot Pink - hey barbie, have a pretty in pink garden with this vibrant popping pink.
  • Purple Rain - create a royal garden with this rich luxurious purple.
  • Mellow Yellow - brighten up your garden with this happy shining yellow.
  • White Mist - create a beaming boarder with this bright white.
  • Chestnut Brown - beautiful deep coco brown for realistic landscape and texture in beds.

Please choose your preference from the drop down menu above. 
You will receive 1 x 15kg bag of RockinColour™ in the colour of your choice.

NB: If you order more than 1 BAG, they may arrive in different consignments on different days. Each bag is a consignment so they may become split up in transit, do not worry, they will all arrive within a few days - There is normally no need to contact us in this case!

850kg Pallets of RockinColour™ for larger areas are also available to purchase at a fantastic discounted price, click HERE.


RockinColour™ is a decorative colour coated stone; chipping and colour fade over time can be expected as a result of wear and UV light exposure. We recommend annual to biennial top ups to keep your RockinColour™ display fresh and maintain bright colour throughout all seasons.

RockinColour™ is not suitable for driveways or any other trafficked areas.

RockinColour™ is safe for pets, however it is not recommended for use either in indoor or outdoor aquariums.

The size of decorative aggregates should be considered where young children are present. Smaller sizes are not suitable for children under 36 months as this product may cause a choking hazard.